Monday, February 6, 2012


My mission statement is to return people to their truth. I believe we are all individual pieces of a giant puzzle. First, we were born a particular shape then society, our parents and some teachers began to mold and shift our original masterpiece. Most of those outside forces meant to protect and look out for us. They sent us messages of..."be afraid of that", "act this way" and urged us to conform and to play it safe. As we grew older, our family, friends, and employers continued to mold us into different shapes until many reach such a state of confusion and unhappiness that we are left wondering... "What happened?" "Who am I?"

When not living an authentic life...One often feels heavy, overwhelmed. worried, and confused. There is a sense of hopelessness, doom and gloom. Sometimes from the outside it all looks great and under control, but inside there is a deep sense of longing for more connection, creative expression, fun and vitality.

What it feels like when living an authentic life... Life feels great, there is hope, joy and laughter. The mind and heart are open to new possibilities. Problems become challenges that just need a creative solution.

Am I noticed and adored anywhere? Do I count? The answer is "YES"! I believe most people want to know that they matter in this world, and what their purpose is. Each of us has a unique way to express and contribute to the world. I believe mine is to assist people in remembering their truth and remembering universal truths-especially of hope and joy. I believe we can have fun manifesting the life of our dreams. I further believe that life is not as puzzling when we are standing in our original shape.

What if we believed we had all the tools necessary to navigate within this world? What if we had someone who witnessed us as we stood in our own magnificence? What would your life look like then?

Private Sessions: If you are wanting assistance in returning to your original beautiful self and leading an authentic life then schedule a one-on-one phone private with Jenilyn. The initial consultation runs for 1.5-2 hours where we look into what areas you want to specifically focus on. After this session choose between working from session to session or weekly under a monthly commitment, sessions run 45-60 minutes, Contact Jenilyn at 773-905-8703

Areas that I specialize in: Stress management, health and nutrition, life transitions (ie. retiring, starting a new career, divorce, selling/moving house), preparing for a life partner, self-esteem, grief, infertility and adoption. The tools I use, however apply to any issue.

"The measure of mental health is the disposition to find good everywhere." Ralph Waldo Emerson